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Client Comments

Client Comments

 On completion of all scaffolding contracts, a client return form is issued (Client Return Form) to the client along with a stamped self addressed envelope. The form requests the client to rate the service they have received from us enabling us to improve areas where necessary, ensuring all contracts run smoothly and cost effectively for the client. The form consists of 12 areas that can be given a rating from "Very Good" to "Unsatisfactory".  The 12 areas are as follows:

  • Standard of Equipment
  • Standard of Workmanship
  • Response to Instructions
  • Liaison With Other Trades
  • Tidiness of Site
  • Adherence to Safety Practices
  • Protections of Existing Finishes
  • General Courtesy of Personnel
  • Standard of Management
  • Ease of Communication
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • General Assessment
There is also an "Any other comments..." section if the above areas do not cover the client’s concerns.
Once the client return form is received back, the results are entered into a table (as shown below) to highlight areas which can be improved upon in the future.

Results Table


 Very GoodGoodAveragePoorUnsatisfactory
Standard of Equipment4239000
Standard of Workmanship5626000
Response to Instructions4833000
Liaison With Other Trades4525100
Tidiness of Site4036010
Adherence to Safety Practices4931200
Protections of Existing Finishes4238100
General Courtesy of Personnel5523000
Standard of Management 542000
Ease of Communication5229000
Billing and Invoicing 4335300
General Assessment5329000


Updated 05/07/12


Client Return Forms

GH Preston

"1st class service"


ISG Jackson

"...The company provides an excellent service including design & installation of complicated scaffold structures"


Palm Paper

"Very good scaffolding operatives with a very high standard of work..."


Mackinnon Construction Ltd

"A potentially very hazardous job well done, excellent. The client commented on your professional approach"


John Lucas

"A good all round service"


Modbay Ltd

"Excellent piece of scaffolding"


A Burton Building

"Residence commented on how efficient & quickly the scaffold was erected and dismantled"


Jim Griffiths

"Recommend you to others & use you again"



If you wish to view scans of completed client return forms, they are availible to view on the Client Return Forms page, which can be found using the navigation buttons on the left side of the screen.

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