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Renovation Works:
Renovation Works - Burleigh Street, Cambridge


Client: ISG Jacksons
Contact: Michael Seabrook
Tel: 01473 335000
Site: Burleigh Street, Cambridge
Scaffold contract value: £44,000 +

Historic Works:
Historical Works - Peterborough Cathedral


Client: Marshall Sisson
Contact: Julian Limentani
Tel: 01480 461101
Site: Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough
Scaffold contract value: £38,000 +

Industrial Works:
Image 1


Client: Palm Paper
Contact: Andy Nicol
Tel: 01553 782222
Site: Palm Paper, Saddlebow, King’s Lynn
Scaffold contract value: Annual Maintenance Contract 

Water Crossings:
Water Crossing - Chatteris


Client: GH Preston
Contact: Frank Preston
Tel: 01246 451279
Site: Isle of Ely Way, Chatteris
Scaffold contract value: £3000 +

Small Works:
Small Works - Marham, Norfolk



Client: S. Oldham
Contact: Shayne Oldham
Tel: 07796 333181
Site: The Cottages, Marham
Scaffold contract value: £700 +

Residential Sites:
Residental Site


Client: Taylor Wimpey
Contact: Peter Mattingley
Tel: 01284 773800
Site: Bennett Street, Downham Market
Scaffold contract value: £142,000 +

Food Industry:
Food Industry - Bury St Edmunds


Client: ISG Jacksons
Contact: Chris Fleet
Tel: 01473 335234
Site: Sugar Beet Factory, Bury St Edmunds
Scaffold contract value: £30,000 +

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